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Internet goes out every afternoon at the same time.

I see many people are having this same issue but since I actually signed up to reply, this forum will only let me report abuse (what's with that?)

I am seeing several with the same router/gateway, all have been on about 1 to 2 years. Netgear CG 3000d. 

My Internet goes out every afternoon around 1:30 PM. I can almost set the clock by this but it has been slowly getting later each day (been happening for a couple of months now.) They keep wanting to send someone out but since they can only give me a two hour window of when the might show up, that isn't going to help much.

It makes no difference if I go through the entire reboot sequence, it just comes back on by itself, usually about 20 minutes but it was an hour the few week it started happening.

I tried turning the modem off, first for a couple of hours, then for a week when I was on a trip.

Can anyone give me a good explanation of how/why my modem could be doing this? I have it plugged directly in to the wall, I will try another outlet but that doesn't make any sense either.