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5 years ago

When is a SSD DVR coming?

When is Cox going to offer a Solid State Drive (SSD) Contour DVR?  It would speed up the Guide and user interface significantly.  And with SSD pricing cheaper than ever, what's the holdup?

I'd gladly pay more for the option.

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    Mouth is correct.  The business model for cable boxes is to mass-produce with cheap parts.  SSD prices may be "cheaper than ever" but the prices are still more expensive than HDD.

    Besides, it wouldn't be just replacing the storage technology but also the storage interfaces (PCIe, M.2), protocols and probably the motherboards to exploit the speed of SSD.

    Even if manufacturers started using NAND-based flash memory to read and write data, they'd probably use Embedded MultiMediaCards (eMMC) to keep costs down, which probably wouldn't be noticeably different from a spinning disk.

    People see "SSD" and freak out...but there is much more to consider than just the type of drive.

  • Hi Dave Westgate. I will be glad to pass your feedback to the appropriate department to look into. We do not have any information as to if or when this will be coming. Please keep checking the News Section of your bill for an upgrades/improvements. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator