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7 years ago

A few HBO channels not coming through?

HBO HD 1200= Works

HBO2 HD 1201= Information Loading ... Please wait.

HBO Signature HD 1202= Works

HBO Family HD 1203= Service Unavailable / Information Loading... Please wait. (Sometimes comes through but not for very long)

HBO Comedy HD 1204= Little white specs? Maybe just the movie. Works

HBO Zone HD 1205= Works

HBO HD 1210= Works

HBO2 HD 1211= Every 30 sec Service unavailable.

I went through this list a few times just to make sure it was consistent with what I wrote and is exactly what is happening. Keep in mind every channel elsewhere works fine with no issues just the few HBO channels that are exhibiting these errors. I tried to get help through online chat and he had suggested a turn in the receiver for a new one but it is quite some distance away and I have my doubts it would fix the HBO problems since everything else works fine.

We had just moved and not sure if it has been happening since but yesterday I was trying to watch them and they were giving me problems on just a few of the hbo channels. Very strange and not sure what this could be since my internet and everything else works fine including all other HD channels available?

Was hoping that maybe others were also experiencing this problem because that would make sense then.

  • Sorry to take so long to reply about this but I have had much luck in fixing this problem. First things first... I cannot recommend the coaxle cables I purchased from Walmart. They were advertised as high performance and I paid a bit more for them when it turned out they were both the culprits of the glitchy connection leading to the main part of the splitter. I am surprised that the cheaper one I bought, only one available at the time, that leads to the cable box doesn't cause any issues but I happened to come across a different coaxle cable for the main part of the splitter that made the problem go away. No problems since then!

    I am still unsure about my modem connection as it doesn't seem too strong from where I was living but seems to stream just fine. I also hadn't mentioned we had this bad crackle on the phone line but could only hear it from certain phones and lan lines which seems to have gone away for the most part when they did work in this area but I can still rarely hear a crackle/pop very faintly when talking to my wife from work and no it isn't because it's on a cell as it has been reported from different connections as well as a land line.

    As for the modem I am sure I would get better results from buying a new one from the store but this one seems to work okay for now! Thanks for the help and I hope people that experience this problem with HBO and other channels try replacing the main coaxle or other coaxles but buy them from Best Buy as I hear those are better quality.

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  • ASJWH20S, this sounds like it could be a signal issue, but there could be some contributing factors we can address together to help restore your channels. Lets see if we can determine what's causing the problem. Please begin by providing some information about how your box is connected and what troubleshooting steps you have already performed in the process of trying to fix it. If there is a splitter on the line between the box and the wall, does bypassing it help? Have you ever had a signal booster (or amplifier) ever been installed in your home? -ColleenD. Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      It is the same setup that we've had before moving that worked before. It is connected to a splitter but have not tried a direct line to the wall yet. Not sure if this would fix it because everything else comes in fine except these select few HBO channels. I understand there could be some issue in the coaxle cables or splitter but puzzling that it would just effect just a few HBO channels only and nothing else in the entire guide. We have tried resetting the box several times and was getting help earlier online and had them reset it as well.

      After hooking up our service we had a few errors on their end that they resolved with our phone line and internet after moving our service. It boils down to I am not sure if it is worth messing with my setup just to see if a few hbo channels come through as we don't really watch them anyway, came with the bundle, just curious why it was like this and hoping to find out I wasn't alone which it seems I am.

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        Hi ASJWH20S, if the cable signal getting to the receiver isn't as strong as it needs to be, lots of odd symptoms can occur. Sometimes only one or a handful of channels may be impacted. Since you just moved in, I imagine you have quite a long list of things to do to settle into your new home. When you have time, bypass the splitter and connect the cable box directly to the wall outlet. Unplug the power from the cable box before disconnecting the splitter, and plug the power back in once the coax from the wall outlet is connected to the cable box. After the box reboots, see if the HBO channels work. Please let us know the result! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator