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5 years ago

Saved Recordings/Recorded On is missing programs

We have two Contour 2 DVR's.  One is in the OFFICE and one is in the FAMILY ROOM.

I noticed what I think is a new software change/feature with the Contour:  Now when you  select Contour/Saved Recordings there is a new choice:

Sort: Most Recent, Filter: All, and the new one which is : Recorded On: All Devices.  If you select Recorded On, there are 3 choices:  All Devices, Family Room, and Office.  That corresponds to the two DVRs which we have.

However, I have scrolled through Family Room programs, and also through Office programs. 

Neither one shows "Great Performances" (which I have several programs saved).  It's not there by scrolling through Family room, and not there by scrolling through Office.  HOWEVER, it is there by selecting ALL DEVICES.

I can't tell you which Device name is stored for Great Performances.  Not available. Note, this is NOT the only one missing from Office and Family room filtering.

Looks like a software bug in Contour 2. ???

I like the feature.  It's a step closer to each user having their own separate ID.  

Any help or resolution for this?

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  • Welcome john2222 to a 2 man club.  I see no other person complaining about this 2DVR setup, that COX told me "Never had someone with this setup".  Here is my one recent post, I have others too.  Do a search for other posting in this forum.  I have seen you before, so keep inquiring.

    The fact that you have old previous recorded shows probably explains why.  I noticed this last weekend here in SoCal.  I too have 2 Contour DVR's that I really wanted to have as separate Records like my previous systems.  The new one now shows both under the Schedule and the new Recorded ON: does show my Family and Media Rooms, both my choices when I set up the system originally.

    Even though we cannot tell the DVR onto which device we want to record, even when initiating the record from that specific bad!.  I think for one thing that the RecordedOn indicator is not accurate.  I'm struggling to come up with a scenario that I can understand.  I definitely find shows on the wrong column.  Since, unlike a Host and client systems that most have, we cannot View recorded shows from the other DVR even if they appear under All or Family room.

    Cox has indicated that the system looks at the amt of storage available on each box...something like that.  But they go thru the effort of adding a new item that just shows you where stuff MAY be stored...but has no use.  They need to add a SAVE On device, either at Record time, or during INFO where I can control the actual record.  Join our club.

  • john2222...I had a closer look and this configuration and it is all messed up.  On my Media Rm TV/DVR, I CAN watch all the shows that appear associated with 3...all/family/media.  When I go to the Family Rm TV/DVR, I also can watch all the shows associated the the 3 item.  Now, I DO NOT see the same shows listed on both DVR's...just whatever is actually on the DVR.  You can see the % and no of shows that are different.  Scheduled shows, however, do appear on both, and are also associated with the 3 headings.  FALSE, because that may not be where they are actually recorded.

    So, at least for me, the col indicators have no meaning other than a false category to fool you.  I was hoping at least that it would have been of some use.  Maybe you can make better sense.

    Cox told me that if I have 2 separate incoming lines, I could have something similar.  BUT, I had one line before, and 2 DVR that independently recorded.  I've stated before, the bad thing about the 2 Contour DVR is that it acts like a single host and multiple client system....every one sees what is scheduled, and recorded, but you cannot get to play the other box..  Cox can do better...obviously they had a meeting about this because we have it for over a week, and pushed it out. 

    What market are you in?  NO one else seems to have this issue.  I'm guessing that the client/host systems don't even see this new item.

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      Los Angeles area.  I have a series recording defined  for "Great Performances" which comes on PBS, and have new, recent, and older performances recorded there.  

      Bottom line summary:  Unless I choose the "All Devices" I don't see the series recording(s) listed.  So obviously I can't watch anything in that series.  I think I have about 6 performances saved.

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        john2222...I'm in Orange Co with a 2 Contour DVR (2max record) sitting in 2 rooms attached to 2 TVs.  The old 2 DVR setup was just that...2 independent systems, one Cox Coaxial line.  I have a box in my closet that Cox come into, then there must be splinters that send separate cables to each room.  I have the DVR connected to room coaxial.  Also, my Media room has another splinter that I have my Internet Modem.  I get about 240Mbps Cox speedtool from this and WiFi.

        I too used Series, however I did not have old shows, only tried to create new ones but ran into another problem with cannot tell the series that you want to record at a specific time on that channel.  If you Great Performance, say New is conflicting with 2 other records or viewing, and if there is a repeat showing, the Old DVR system allow you pick a specific time for that to record.  Of course, you can always go to the guide, look for the repeated show, and record as "new and repeat."  But now, you end up getting "All the repeats that you must now Cancel from the "Scheduled"...but this is another issue that I've posted.

        I'm still mad about the recordings onto which machine.  If you define recorded shows using either DVR, there is no way to predict which machine the recording is actually on,  I see the "recordedON" under Scheduled and it point to either room.  However, when actually recorded, I can toggle the filter and sometimes Watch the show that is supposed to be on the other DVR. 

        I also see that when a show is being recorded, Both DVR's red record light is on, however, only one DVR actually has the recording.  This system does not work like a host/multiple Client setup.  You Cannot (I believe) actually view the physical contents from the other DVR.

        I ramble on, but john2222, try testing this record option.  Do records from different DVR and see if they appear on the specific unit.  The Schedule will show contents from both, but record on only one, that you cannot choose.

        I can watch, by toggle the RecordedOn shows identified on both rooms, BUT when I go to the other DVR, I do not see the same shows.  I think the RecordedOn indicator is False Info...whew!

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      Hi John2222 and Ekhawaii, I'm sorry the new sort option has caused so much confusion. We've reached out to our video product managers to get more information about the "Recorded On" feature. We'll update you as soon as possible. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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        My original comment / complaint was NOT that I can't determine which DVR a program is recorded on.  My comment was that unless you set the DVR to "ALL DEVICES" you can NOT even see the "Great Performances" programs listed, so obviously can't watch any of them.

        I just re-verified that the Great Performances (The Sound of Music) which was broadcast last night, does NOT show up on either DVR unless the option "ALL DEVICES" is selected.

        (It's not a confusion factor.  It's a software bug in Contour 2.)