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7 years ago

Legion Season 2 Not On Demand yet?

Hi, My son came over today and wanted to watch the new season debut of Legion, but it's not available On Demand yet. It's been over 36 hours since it debuted, so why isn't it available? I also don't understand why COX On Demand has this exact same problem so many times with so many shows. Why haven't you fixed this yet? It's been a problem for several years.

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  • Hi AliceFaye,

    Thank you for reaching out to us through Cox Forums and bringing this to our attention. I’ve reported this to our Video Content group to investigate. We will follow up once we receive feedback.

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    Something similar happened to me last night when attempting to view the most recent episode of "Atlanta".

    I'm a subscriber to FX+, which allows on-demand, ad-free broadcasts of a number of FX channel programs as an additional monthly fee from Cox.

    The particular episode on-screen info read "aired at 9:15PM", seen by me at 10:30PM, well after the episode first aired, effectively shutting me out from watching it. No bigee, as it certainly wasn't the only thing on I could see at that particular time, but it struck me as kind of odd, since I wasn't trying to watch it prior to its official air time.