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2 years ago

Is there a problem with calling retention? I was disconnected twice and the third time I could barely hear the agent's voice - Jan 3/23

I am a 24 year customer and haven't generally had a problem with Cox support or retention before.

I was calling because of the excessively high TV bill and wanted to know what the options are for lowering my TV bill.

When I called, the agents on the main 800 number all sent me to retention.

The first time I connected to retention, the retention agent did not understand the phone number I provided for my account after I gave it three times, and disconnected me.

The second time the IVR hung up on me.

The third time, I could barely hear the agent and the TV offers he gave was more than I am paying now.

The chat agent Joshbrylle P. WAS able to help somewhat and I appreciate him.

It was frustrating trying to go through the IVR so many times and when I finally got through there were no options or help.