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5 years ago

Contour GUI is a excruciatingly slow.

The Contour’s guide is unusable, as inputs on the contour remote are not registered by the contour system until 5-10 MINUTES later. The slowness also causes the bottom information frame that pops up to be in the background, creating a burn-in effect that messes with my TV. The TV thinks that there is no active input after 30 minutes, so my TV’s screen saver comes on to prevent burn-in. This has been an ongoing problem since the we got the system, and does not seem to be limited to me judging by all the other complaints on the Internet. I will be filing a complaint with the FCC regardless of the outcome of this post, as that has been the only way to get anything fixed in the past. I just want this post to be visible for others having this issue.

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    It happens from time-to-time but eventually clears.  Every time I've complained, I never get any rational answer.  It's just something you have to put up with.

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      I have the same, chronic problem, but it happens so often, I am about to disconnect all 3 of my Cox services. The DVR takes 2-3 minutes, if at all, to respond to my remote. No, it is not the remote or its batteries.

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        I agree.  It's not...if rarely...the batteries.

        Starting in January when I turned on my TV, Contour would display an on-screen message warning the batteries in my XR-11 remote are low.  I navigated to the Power Management section of Contour and the batteries measured 50%.  The batteries still worked.

        In February, in addition to the on-screen message, Contour started generating 2 daily messages in the Notifications section of Contour.  One message was the batteries are too critically low for Voice Control and the other message the batteries are too critically low for buttons.  The batteries were at 24% but still worked.

        In March, in addition to the on-screen message and 2 daily messages, the Power Management section of Contour finally measured the batteries at 0%.  Now...that's low...however, the batteries still worked.

        For 2 months afterwards...during the lockdown mind you...Contour continued to warn me but the batteries still worked.  If I pressed a button, the command immediately worked; if I moved the remote, the keypad immediately lit up.

        Finally, on Memorial Day, any button to control the TV (on/off, volume & input), the remote wouldn't work; however, if I let the remote set a bit, any button to control the TV would eventually work.  It was weird.  For example, if I changed the channel, the volume button wouldn't work; but...after setting idle for 2-3 minutes...the volume button would work.

        Finally, after Memorial Day, I changed the batteries.

        In conclusion, after your first on-screen message about low batteries in your remote, you'll still get another 4 months of power from them.  The Power Management software in Contour is just awful.

  • @Shawnandbrea, I recommend unplugging the power from the cable box for 2 mins and then plugging it back up. Please let us know if there is any change. If the issue continues, we may need to replace the box. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.