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2 years ago

Contour 2 DVR with 24 tuners

I currently have a Contour 1 DVR with 6 tuners. My second identical DVR recently broke and I found out during an attempted swap out at the local Cox Store that Cox no longer allows two DVR's on the same network. I ended up with a client box instead that is fed from my remaining DVR. So I am used to having 12 tuners available for recording.

I see the Cox Ultimate DVR with 24 tuners on  the Cox web site, but no real information on how it works or is configured.

1. Can it store recordings locally or is everything stored in the Cloud?

2. Does it require Panoramic Internet from Cox?

3. What is the true cost, (the web site shows a $10 bump from $20 to $30 a month when going from 6 to 24 tuners) Any hidden costs I should expect?

4. Is there a manual posted online that explains how the Ultimate works?

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    Hi Joel,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Cox Social Media team! I appreciate your interest in Ultimate DVR and I'm happy to provide you with further information.

    Ultimate DVR with 24 tuners is a cloud DVR (cDVR) service. Shows and movies are saved on Cox's remote server (the cloud) rather than a hard drive in a DVR. cDVR service provides more features that a physical DVR. You can have many more tuners, as you’ve already discovered; 24!

    You can also store more content on cDVR than you could on a physical DVR. Also, cDVR allows you to watch recorded content through the Contour App in your home. You can download recorded content to watch through the Contour App outside your home.

    Rental of a Cox Panoramic Wifi Gateway is not required for cloud DVR. If you prefer to have a physical DVR in your home, recordings will not be available in the cloud, nor can you watch recordings outside your home.

    With a physical DVR in your home, we offer a 2-tuner DVR or a 6-tuner DVR, both with a recording maximum of 250 hours. We do have a user’s manual available for the DVR.

    I’m unable to answer your question about the price difference, as my team doesn’t have access to pricing or sales campaigns. If you’d like to see a demo of the Contour DVR, you are welcome to visit one of our Cox Solutions Stores or call our Sales team at 800-234-3993 8am to 11pm ET Monday through Friday and 9am to 9pm ET on Saturdays. Find the Cox Solutions Store nearest you at

    I hope I’ve answered at least a few of your questions. My team is available 24/7, so reach out to us at any time. As always, thank you for being part of the Cox family!


    Becky K,
    Cox Social Media Support Specialist

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      A lot of words, but not answers to my questions

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        This website provides pricing rates for all Cox markets.  It may not have sales campaign information, so you should still contact Cox and ask for Retention.  You might take a look at rates in your market before you call them.

        Pricing Rate Cards | Cox Communications 

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    Cox Ultimate DVR with 24 tuners

    First I have heard of it. Can you include a link to where you saw it exactly?