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2 months ago

Yahoo Transition - where's our lower cost?

Let's be clear, Cox terminating their email service and shoving us all over to Yahoo email is NOT Cox providing us better service.

Cox is not providing anything in terms of email service. Instead, Cox is providing their internet customers significantly less service by terminating Cox email. 

Yahoo email has always been free. Now we are subjected to Yahoo's push to pay for their Yahoo Plus service. 

Cox has NOT reduced our monthly costs for internet access even though they have terminated this service and no doubt have significantly reduced their own operating costs.

Now that we are receiving less, why is Cox still charging us full price for Internet access? 

IMO, we are being ripped off. 

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    1. Cox has never charged you for providing Email. It's always been a free service provided for their internet customers. They do NOT have to reduce your bill, because they have shifted the responsibility for the email service to another company. If you truly believe so, then you truly have no comprehension of how business works.
    2. Additionally, the fact that you yourself state that Yahoo email has always been free, and failing to also note that COX's email also was free, shows a complete lack of understanding on your part. 
    3. Be glad that Cox at least ensured you could keep your COX.NET email address, VERIZON customer's when Verizon killed off THEIR email, lost it all, because they cut it out in totality, they provided you NO method of keeping it., 

    You need to quit whining, and THANK them for looking out for you. 

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      Cox has never charged you for providing Email. 

      Nonsense. Cox email has been a part of our ISP package since Cox first started to provide internet access. To say a company is providing something to their customers "for free" clearly demonstrates it is YOU with a complete lack of understanding how business works. 

      You need to stop being a shill for a company that clearly does NOT have the best interest of their customers in mind, and to accept that others are entitled to express their opinions on a topic without  you adding puerile insults just because you don't agree with them. 


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        Used to be you paid your monthly fee to Cox and they provided you internet access, newsgroup access, and email service.  Then they got rid of newsgroup access, when newsgroups were very much alive.  Then they stopped providing customers email service, though folks already with email service were allowed to keep it but even they couldn't create new email addresses.  Now they are getting rid of email service.  All while they continue to raise rates.  Google fiber is coming though.

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    It is time to leave Cox.  Outrageous pricing, now moving email to Yahoo.  If I wanted Yahoo I would have signed up for Yahoo.  Do your customers really matter to you?  With all the choices now for steaming services, etc...I would think Cox would pay more attention to their customers.  Used to be Cox was the only game in town, not anymore.  See ya Cox, you can keep your Yahoo. 

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      Hi, I apologize for the experience you have had I will be glad to review your bill with you.  In 2019 we stopped allowing new email addresses to current and new customers from being created. A large part of the decision is because fewer customers were taking advantage of this service as many more free services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and many others had become available. We have continued to maintain our email service for the email addresses until the recent decision to migrate this service to Yahoo servers so they can manage these accounts. and continue to support our legacy email offerings. Please reach out to us privately so we can discuss this. Our email address is  Please include your full street address and a link to the forum thread.