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5 years ago

Why give customers the run around

My internet went out with out any warning. I call on yesterday and was told I had and outage in my area and they was working on it so I started asking questions and was given the run around and talk with 5 different people. One person said it could be two weeks before the problem is fixed, then was told it was my equipment and they can send someone to fix it, then was told they’ll keep me updated. So I asked about my bill and that’s when I was disconnected. At this point I’m ready to let cox go and find a new internet service provider ASAP. 

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  • I am seeing that your modem was already online, but I cannot see a connection to any device after that (a wireless router typically). I tried rebooting the modem but nothing has changed, you may need to unplug the power from your wireless router briefly.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator