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2 years ago

Who else is having consistently delayed repair time estimates in the Portsmouth/Norfolk area?

I’m on cg base Portsmouth at the moment and it has been three days of connection drops every 30 minutes and horrendous ping. The app for 3 days straight has been pushing back estimated repair time.

I really don’t want to giga blast some poor representative on the support line so that’s why I’m here. This is insane non the less, cox has a complete monopoly in this area and I have no other option but to deal with the constant monthly bouts of outages and issues, this one in particular being the worse.

In case anyone at cox checks the forums this is not an isolated issue. Every single person on base at the moment is getting hit with the on off outages all at the same time. Please, please just fix your service.

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    I don't think anyone here can help you with your issue. This is a user helping user forum. The Cox employees that do moderate here are in no position to resolve a outage IMO. I looked here, and don't see any recent reports. How do you know it is everyone?

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      I understand they probably can't do anything but it's worth a shot since no customer service rep is going to want to deal with me informing them of an outage. As I mentioned base Portsmouth and everyone in the barracks loses connectivity at the same time. It's been a topic of conversation on base for a couple of weeks now. I feel as if cox must be somewhat aware if they're putting as disclaimer in the app about service outages. Sadly though they just completely dropped the estimated repair time from the disclaimer as they probably know they're in deep with whatever the problem is. 

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    If the repair time keeps getting pushed back it normally means parts are an issue, OR it could mean something bad like a fiber cut has happened and it's simply taking time to repair. 

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      If you have any more info on how these repairs work or what the cause could be I'm pretty interested. The frequencies and time down for disconnects is different each day but consistent throughout each given day. Seems like things settle down at night when they're not working on the network. Do you think they're doing iterative trouble shooting or something is just truly messed up?