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What is and how do I get rid of it!?

Hello all.  So I have been using bitcoin faucets for over 2 years now (with Cox service) with no issues.  Well after I got upgraded to Panoramic WiFi, when I go to these sites, I am met with a screen that reads:  (See Screenshot)

Notice in the address bar how it says the address).  I have never had this problem until now.  Someone told me it is an xfinity thing, but, I have Cox Panoramic WiFi so I don't know where this is coming from.  Also, I went and stayed at a friend's house last week, and they had Verizon Fios, and I did not have any of these issues with these Bitcoin sites.  I tried to call Cox tech support, but they insulted me and tried to sell me their Cox Customer Care BS.

Does anyone else have this issue and/or does anyone know how to turn this ** off?

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    I vaguely remember the .io file extension used for splash screens.  For example, when Windows XP boots, you'd see the splash screen of the XP logo.  This safebrowse file is archived within some security script of your OS or, perhaps, Panoramic..

    Since you changed routers, are you using the same type of encryption as your previous router?  What browser are you using?