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We were given a new deal from cox but now they do not want to honor the deal.

We talked to the Loyalty Retention Department and they gave us a new deal but now they are not holding up their end and have offered a new deal at twice what was offered before.

I opened the email where the View Your Summary tab was and followed that to a page stating that Link to the summary is no longer available, but it was available yesterday before I talked to cox, luckily I made pdf copies of everything before they wiped it out at their end.

Appears that the deal they offered was too good and now there is a new deal at twice the original price.

Is this something that would require going to Arbitration or Small Claims Court? Or will cox stand behind their offers?

As stated I have pdf's that I can post if anyone is interested.

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    Any thread that discusses small claims or any legal proceedings is bound to get locked. This is a technical forum for users helping users.

    With that said, are there any other ISP in your area that you can shop around? Nothing wrong with an educated consumer.

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      ...or educated reps in a Loyalty Retention Department.

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    This is a forum for users to assist other users with technical issues. Your issue needs to be addressed with Cox. You can call retention, and ask for a supervisor, who will be able to pull and listen to the call that you had with a previous agent and see what's going on. They won't be able to do that WHILE you are on the phone with them, so they will probably ask to call you back either later, or in a day or two, but that's going to be the way to go!