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5 years ago

Understanding Cox's server-side email filters

Hello all --

I'm trying to get s handle on Cox's server-side email filters. The specific questions I have:

What is the difference between 'Discard' and 'File into Trash'?

Similarly, what is the difference between 'Keep' and 'File into InBox'?

Are the rules case-sensitive?

How does the Mailing List rule work? I've discovered that 'contains' wants something other than my email address.

How soon from its creation before a filter is in effect?

And lastly, is there a tutorial somewhere?

Thanks for any help.


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      Good morning, Kevin --

      Thank you. Since it came up from JP Sports, and I have the same spammer (Wild Alaska), what filter would you suggest to send them to the spam folder?


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        @Mick536, If these emails are coming from a private domain, I recommend blocking the entire domain. This will prevent any emails from that domain and will prevent spam from new email accounts created on that domain as well. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
  • Mick, 

    The server side rules are USELESS.  I have created over 200 rules to block some of the SPAM that comes through EVERY DAY between 3 and 7 AM ET, and they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to block them.  I have about 6 different ones ALONE for Wild Alaska Seafood, and EVERY email still finds its way into my inbox.  The filters are about as effective as building a dam out of crepe paper to stop the Pacific Ocean.  

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      Hi JP --

      That's pretty much my experience, too. I also have the reverse problem. I set up many rules to accept a site's email, and it still gets placed by Cox in spam.  I have had some luck using the approach here

      in 'Content contains' rules. The problem though is that I have to have earlier rules to accept what i want, (see above) and I can't make that foolproof either.

      Very specific rules, such as 'from put in inbox' do work. But I'm never going to buy Alaskan salmon, or need a new bathtub. And those are the ones to stop. Apple mail is smart enough to figure it out client-side. How does it know?