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4 years ago

uncorrectable codewords

So I have been fighting my cox cable from April thinking its just the impact of COVAD - I have removed all splitters and running 1 cable to the street to my modem. This is after about 48-72 hours after reboot, before removing all the filters this page was full of errors on every channel. Removing the filters gives me better signal and only these channels with errors. 

It's also worth noting that my upstream OFDMA channels never lock.

I am coming here for help, my next step is to get another provider. I can't pay this much and experience random 100% packet loss during this time of working at home.  I simply depend to much on a reliable connect and right now Cox is not providing me with that. 

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    I'd hate to lose you as a customer before taking a closer look at what is causing the chronic issues you describe. ! Please email your full address and full name to so I can further assist you.

    Jonathan J
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    Hi jonathanj - I have emails and including data from before I removed filters, and after. 

    Looking forward to a reply.