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4 years ago

Support Staff Gaslighting

I pay $90 per month for your 300Mbps service. Mind you, it's never actually that fast. Or anywhere close to that fast.

Imagine my displeasure when today I am receiving less than 5mbps down while still getting 30mbps up. And then imagine my displeasure when the first reaction from your support reps is to gaslight me into "diagnosing problems with my equipment". Just admit when you have service degredation on your end.

1. Pinging my router doesn't measure bandwidth, it measures latency.
2. I'm running speed tests directly from my router, so what does the wireless have to do with anything?
3. My Docsis 3.1 modem and WRT3200ACM work just fine. The router isn't under high load and there is literally less than 100kbps of sustained bandwidth utilization when I'm not running these speed tests.
4. Don't disconnect me from your chat session and then have a ridiculous wait time on the phone.

I know we just had a slew of bad storms and that is likely impacting service, but when you charge customers a premium for a service they don't usually get half of (300mbps -> 150mbps realized) then you better be sure you are offering a PREMIUM service at ALL times. And for the love of god you shouldn't treat your customers like they don't know what they are talking about. The right thing to do would be to 1. Admit there is a service degradation (surely you have monitoring in place on your network infrastructure) 2. Issue a credit and 3. Apologize.

You're lucky you have a near monopoly in my market.

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    I checked from this however I'm not able to reach your equipment. I'd try bypassing any cable splitters you can or try testing the modem at different outlets to see if that helps. Should you continue to see problems a technician may need to come out and troubleshoot further. If you need help getting that setup feel free to email us at for further assistance.

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    hardwired or wi-fi test? what speed coming into the modem?

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    They tell me this is fine. And to change my Ethernet cable.  Do people at Cox honestly think, if changing my Ethernet

    cable fixed the problem, I would be running tracerts? and filing FCC complaint... This is everyday 8am-10pm since

    March 24th.

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      But apparently 91 average ping to the CMTS is ok, and my internet is working perfectly fine according to cox.

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        I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. If you're still having an issue please email to your full-service address to
 and full name so we can take a closer look.

        Jonathan J
        Cox Social Media Support Specialist