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2 months ago

Subpar Performance - Connection Status Question

Good Afternoon,

I have Unlimited Gigablast and for the most part I don't have much to complain about, but there are times that I notice.. I want to call it latency but that is not quite right. I'm starting to wonder if the wiring in my house or from the pole to my house is degraded, but maybe everything is fine. My question lies in the following images. Are these signal strengths & Corrected and Uncorrectable numbers reasonable for a standard cable connection? These numbers are from a 9d17h uptime on the cable modem.

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    What modem/router are you using?

    Do you have anything hooked up via ethernet to test with or is everything WiFi?

  • Hello Jason,  I apologize that you are having issues with your service. We truly value our customers and want you to always feel that way. I want to help make this right. many factors can come into play when determining your levels.  If you would like send me an email at with your full name and address I would love to assist you.