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3 months ago

Udate on 'not getting all my mail'

I have really appreciated the comments and info above from users.

I wrote a message about 10 days ago about receiving very little mail and no sent mail in the new Yahoo account.  I think now, after review, that since I was using Thunderbird as a front end and using a POP server, the ‘missing’ mail and sent mail was obviously in the TBird account on my computer. Which I was worried that it would just be a static, frozen data file.

Using the info I wrote down about the servers POP and smtp before the merger I wondered if I could merge the Cox-Yahoo new info into the existing account.  (Rather than having TBird create a NEW second account for Cox-Yahoo). 

I opened my existing TBird account and went into the account settings and put in the POP and SMTP info for Yahoo.  I had a few challenges since at first there was no OAuth2 in the choices in the drop down list.  After a little fiddling around and some restarts of TBird and one trip to Yahoo, suddenly that choice appeared in the list and I was done and it works fine.

So I wind up with all my mail and all my sent mail from before and all the new data from the Cox-Yahoo account in my 'new' original TBird account, my objective.  My idea of modifying the existing TBird account was reinforced by several of the messages above, and thank you for that added info.

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    Yes, I don't think it had been mentioned before, but when changing the server settings on Thunderbird it will want to keep restarting, and as you also mentioned, the OAuth2 doesn't show up until after one of those restarts.

    FWIW, I run Thunderbird on my desktop and on a laptop (mostly when traveling or as just another backup).  I just noticed that I use POP on one and IMAP on the other, plus whatever the yahoo connection in iPhone mail is.  It all seems to play well together.

    I'm still watching for missing emails.  After the initial setup I seemed to sometimes be missing test emails from my gmail account, or they went to spam, or they arrived normally!  I was also missing an email from  Since then I see I have received (unimportant) emails from a couple of .gov sites.  Obviously, the problem with missing emails is . . . you probably don't know you didn't get them!