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3 months ago

Serious Issue With Yahoo Mail

There is a serious problem with Yahoo mail.

While I was bale to set up the Yahoo account I noticed that I was not getting all my emails and the "lost" emails were not in my Inbox, Trash or Spam folder and I did not have any filters and blocked addresses that could cause the problem. And, it seems there is at least one other person with the same issue.

So I called Yahoo tech support and after much discussion and higher ups getting involved here is what I was told:

I was told to contact the companies, or people, that I was not receiving the emails from and ask them to update their security settings and that there is nothing that Yahoo can do at its end as they won't accept emails from sources that don't meet Yahoo's security needs.

I was told by the tech support person that it was my responsibility to get the problem solved not Yahoo's.

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    I forgot to add that they asked me to give them some of the email addresses I had not received the emails from and I gave them two. Near the end the tech person told me that both the addresses were through Microsoft servers. So as I understand it the companies that I had not received the emails from needed to change their security settings in their account's with Microsoft.