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3 months ago

Gobsmacked at the Unlimited Lie.. It's not even hidden

Since the ACP is ending prices have gone up significantly and now the word unlimited is in the top line of every internet plan that Cox sells but if you scroll to the bottom of that offer you will find a data cap and an insane amount of overage charges if you go over 1.28 terabytes this is just it's sad. I guess, in this age of misinformation it's okay to say oh "it's unlimited" and when you read the last line on the contract data cap is Applied at 1.28 TB

Oh well, we're going back to the practice of keeping the poor people poor, making them pay more, make them get less and make him think they've got it made by the lies on the label. Only to find out when the bill comes that they have made a horrible mistake and they have been grifted by their internet service provider. 

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    data caps are nothing more than a ponzi scheme that rips off the consumers. theres no need for data caps in 2024 but cox is so desperate for money even though it made $23 billion last year

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