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3 months ago

Not getting all email

I was able to set up the Yahoo account. But while I am getting some emails, I am definitely not getting all emails. I checked and they are not in the spam folder or trash folder, and I have no filters or blocked address on Yahoo that could be causing the problem.

In other words, while Yahoo is getting some of the emails sent to not all of them are getting to Yahoo. I definitely know that these emails were sent and the people sending them had my correct email address, but they are not all getting through to Yahoo for some reason. 

For example I got the email sent to me to complete my registration to this forum others have not even got to Yahoo and are not there in my Inbox, Trash, or Spam folder.

I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem?


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    I am experiencing the exact same thing. Not receiving all emails sent to me from long time contacts. Some emails missed are important business communications. Very frustrating. Cox needs to get involved.

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    We are experiencing the same issue and very frustrated in Cox's decision to make this move. We are not receiving emails from legitimate third party software sources and even larger established commercial businesses where family are employed. Made the decision today to begin navigating away from Cox!

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    Yes, I am having the exact same problem. I would say the vast majority of my emails are not getting through. Could Cox have picked a worst provider than Yahoo? I have had my Cox email account for over 20 years and yesterday I spent the day changing my email address to another one for my critical accounts. Will be doing the same today for the less critical ones.

    This entire transition was handled horribly.
    - No instructions were ever sent for 3rd party email providers as promised in a Cox email
    - Cox should have arranged with Yahoo for a FREE dedicated support team that had been trained in the transition with a dedicated telephone number for Cox customers for at least 3 months. The fact we have to PAY for support for a transition forced upon us is unconscionable.
    - Cox should reduce our monthly bill. When I signed up for Cox Internet my account was supposed to include email. Now I have to pay for email because Yahoo mail doesn't work. I am getting less for my already overpriced Internet service.
    - As soon as I get this email problem taken care of I am going to start looking to drop Cox unless they do something to make it up to their customers.

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    I gave up. I wanted to have all my Cox emails forwarded to my Outlook account as I've done for years, and although Yahoo would theoretically do that, they insisted on deciding which emails were spam and trash vs. going to my Inbox so I had to keep checking Yahoo to fix that as well as my own junk folder in Outlook. I sent several emails to Yahoo, but I kept receiving canned answers explaining how to use the Not Spam feature but not answering my questions. I ended up creating a new Outlook email address yesterday and am slowly notifying all my contacts. So frustrating. So badly handled by Cox. 

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    Yes, I had that experience soon after converting (missing from and  I am hoping it will resolve itself (maybe cached name resolution sent some to a dead server???).  I will continue to monitor.

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      The problem is more serious than that and will not resolve itself.

      I talked to Yahoo tech support and the person I talked to spoke to a higher up and here is what I was told:

      I was told to contact the companies, or people, that I was not receiving the emails from and ask them to update their security settings and that there is nothing that Yahoo can do at its end as they won't accept emails from sources that don't meet Yahoo's security needs.

      So as I understand it, if you can't get emails from then FTB needs to update its security settings for the email to get through to Yahoo.

      I was told by the tech support person that it was my responsibility to get the problem solved not Yahoo's.


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        I’m going to have to call BS on that response.

        By the amount of junk that shows up in the Yahoo inbox it’s more likely the Yahoo servers are the ones with insufficient security settings.

        Cox need to step up and take care of this, instead of just dumping off its responsibilities.

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    I noticed something interesting this morning. As I mentioned earlier I was not getting some of my emails after switching to Yahoo. However, this morning I got an email from one of the companies whose emails I was not getting.

    So I am wondering if there have been a sufficient number of complaints and Yahoo has done something about it, after telling me and others that it was not their problem?

    So I am wondering if anyone else has noticed something similar>

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      I've noticed some improvement. Haven't taken the time to look at it closely, but things seem better. Still, this problem and my experience with Yahoo since they took over my accounts has been the catalyst to get me working on moving everything to Gmail. That's probably a months long project but erratic email, even for a few hours, is simply intolerable. 

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        We weren't imaging it... Kim Komando is on the case. I finally got her "The Current" newsletter redirected to Gmail and here's a clip from today's issue:

        Welcome back, Yahoo and AOL friends. Still digging into the why, but the great Big Tech email servers there decided our newsletters should be blocked from your inbox for the past three days. So frustrating.

  • We are experiencing the same with the added frustration of people/clients from our business are not receiving our emails! So now, we have to consider the gmail route because of the stress caused by constantly wondering if anyone is getting our emails. The times that they have received our emails, it has taken hours for them to get them. Also after multiple attempts to set up the new configuration on our home/laptop computers we cannot get emails on Apple mail, it only works on our iphones. So, now we have to use the Yahoo site to check emails in their mail. The fact that there is no one to assist with issues and to just say here you go we are transitioning, here's your new email situation is ridiculous. Good way to get everyone over to Gmail I guess. Yes, they should have had a dedicated support team to assist during the transition!🤬

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      You can call Yahoo Support at 1-800-320-9335.  It says it is a premium service and to have your credit card ready, but they answered and did not ask me for payment information.  Maybe if enough people call Yahoo, they will put some effort into fixing the not receiving email situation.  I have to say I was on the phone with my support person for 2 hours and they seemed to think it was all my problem, not theirs.  They were very nice....just not willing to admit there might be a problem with their servers.  By the way, I access my email directly from a web browser to yahoo they couldn't blame the problem on a 3rd party email software.