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4 years ago

Since when am I going over my data usage?

For the past two (2) months, i have been getting text messages from Cox saying that I am nearing or finished with my monthly data usage. I have NEVER had this problem before and I have had Cox since 2016. I have had to deal with paying for phone service that I never used; paying nearly $300 for cable and internet service monthly; suffering through poor Wi-Fi, resetting routers everyday; having to shut down all devices so my kids can have connection for their ZOOM meetings and still having connection problems. Now I'm getting these messages that say I am gonna be charged $10 for every 50GB they have to (arbitrarily) add to my account. I contacted customer service last week about having the ability to watch all the football games regardless of what coast they are on and all the rep could offer me was a channel that gives highlights!! I'm over it!!! This is absolutely ridiculous. Corporate if you read this, expect correspondence from me...soon! with the same letter going to the FCC