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6 years ago

Service Interrupted/intermittent connection

I got Cox preferred/100mbps a few days ago. I did self install with a leased panoramic modem. Since day one, my wireless connection is intermittent, causing drops in streaming services, online gaming and browsing. My internet overview has "service interrupted" since day one, also. I just switched from Centurylink because I was paying for 30mbps and getting 7mbps. I like the speeds with Cox but if I can't get a constant connection I'm better off with Centurylink. Help?

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    Honestly, you aren't going to find a solution with the information you provided. Doing a self install isn't recommended since a Cox technician did not go to your home and set it up. They check wiring, signal levels etc to make sure things are working like they should in and outside your home. But... you are not alone. There are other recent posts reference with the same "service interrupted" notice. See the 2 links below. I would also call Cox tech support and ask them to check your internet from their end. They can do some diagnostics but are limited to what an actual Cox technician can see at your residence.

    Post 1 - Same issue

    Post 2 - Same issue

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    Hi James, since it appears that you're experiencing the same issues you had with your previous provider I'm including a link that includes tips on how to optimize your WiFi experience A couple of other suggestions is to ensure your equipment is as centrally located as possible in your resident, place it as high off the ground as possible, and away from cordless phones, microwaves, baby monitors, etc. If you happen to reside in a multi-dwelling unit if possible make sure your equipment is not on the same wall as your neighbor's WiFi equipment if possbile.

    If you'll reach out to us via Facebook private message, Twitter direct message or email to we'll gladly take a closer look at your equipment. Simply send us your complete address, account name, and attach this link. We're definitely here to help and want your service to work as it should. -Thanks, Carol
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    How old is your wiring? I would run a high end coax cable straight from outside box to your modem, that should I assume solve the problem.

    It would be helpful if you can share your signal rates from your modem status web panel.