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5 years ago

Regular Download Speeds, limited to no upload speed.... any idea?

Okay, so here comes a very interesting problem. 2 days ago, my internet started acting up. When I ran a wireless speed test I was getting about 290mbps download (normal) then only getting .2mbps upload. It has been causing issues with my TV, computer, gaming, etc. I then thought maybe my router was acting up, so i disconnected my router and plugged in directly to the modem. Same results. Then, maybe it was the modem right? After talking with cox and 4 representatives later they told me to get a newer modem (even though the SB6190 is on their approved devices). I went to my cox store and picked up a modem for rent. Went home, plugged it in, same thing. I firmly believe it has something to with the physical line or the signals they sent or didn't send to my modem. I saw a COX van parked in front of my apartment a couple days ago. Is there something I can do while I wait for the tech to come out? I pay for 300 down and 30 up (i believe the up is 30), but i am receiving .2 for upload and the highest I have seen it cap at was like 4.5. Please help if possible.

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    @Destiny, Please also make sure there are no loose or damaged connections in the home, and this includes any splitters or amplifiers you may have. Here's some additional information regarding speed test results that I hope may be of use:

    The Capability of end-user devices (computer, smartphone, tablet), including factors such as age, software and operating system versions, the presence of viruses and malware, and the number of simultaneous applications running can also impact speeds. For further assistance, please include a link to this forum thread and email us at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    I also have a SB6190 modem.   I live in the North West section of RI.  My internet download speed used to always be around 330 average down and upload 31 average.  About 4 days ago I did a speed test and the download was around 250 and upload was between 3-6 .   I called in for service and they could do nothing over the phone.  They scheduled a tech to come in 3 days.  Later that night my internet speeds returned to normal 330/31.  I waited 2 days and all was good.  I cancelled the service call.  Don't you know the day the tech was suppose to come the internet speeds dropped off again.

     About a year ago I had problems.  They told me it was my modem.  I was about ready to buy another modem when it started working again.  I call in and they told me their was a outage in the area.  I would not have been happy if I bought another modem.    Its been working fine for a year until a few days ago.

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      @KenKK, your modem levels appear to be outside of our preferred specifications and I'm also detecting packet loss. If normal troubleshooting does not resolve the issue, then scheduling a service appointment is the best course of action that will lead to a resolution. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator