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4 years ago

Noise and Disconnects 4 days in a row 10:00 -11:50 am?


I have recently solved a month+ issue with my connection being intermittent  just about a month or so ago. Cox replaced my drop, all the connectors to my house, and thoroughly, checked everything between the street and my modem. There are zero splitters anywhere on my line and most devices my LAN are wired. Signal has been pretty solid with little to no issues seen on modem logs until this week.

Starting 4-5 days ago, the same line noise issue has been appearing and causing disconnects. Problem is, its only happening between the hours of 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Figured that Cox was working on the line or something, assumed it would work itself out or maybe at least stop on the weekend. But its Saturday and around 10:20 am they started again. And now, just before noon my values seem to have normalized and I have internet back. 

 I regularly check logs when I have a disconnect and see that the modems starts showing some corrected/ uncorrectables (nothing excessive) and the upstream pwr levels start to increase and are typically hovering around 51 dBmV before the modem resets. 

Given there is a clear time pattern and the fact that all network equipment and lines are less than a few months old, what could be causing the issue? Cox hasn't posted any outage issues so I'm at a loss. 

Any insight would be most appreciated. 



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    Again, today, Sunday Sept 6, same exact modem issues and disconnects starting around 10:20 am and still continuing to occur at 11:15 am. Expect , much like the entire week, that they will subside around or just after noon. 

    So this is obviously an external interference on my line and nothing to do with my specific situation. I suppose I will have to call a tech out and hope they can arrive around this time tomorrow to figure out this issue. 

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      I am having exactly the same issue for the last 4 days. Started 9/3 in the evening and had been this way since then. When I chatted with some person overseas on Thursday I was told it was an outage, but now I think there’s something else going on. So I don’t get so frustrated, I am waiting until Tuesday so I can talk to someone in the states. I live in Omaha, NE

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        Hello Chrisbkritter9825,

        For further assistance, please contact us via Facebook or Twitter @coxhelp or email us at with your full name and address.

        Ben S.
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      MMatthews, I suggest contacting us through Facebook or Twitter @coxhelp for assistance. The Social Media Team can troubleshoot and schedule a tech if needed.

      Thank you,

      Mike J.
      Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    Been having the same issues, but for the last month. I've replaced my modem, upgraded internet plans, even purchased the unlimited data plans and I keep getting constant T3 errors. I've had a tech come out and scold me for being so close to my previously data capped plan (85% with 5 business days left in the month) and told me I needed to purchase the unlimited data plan and/or the business plan. I thought the response was a little BS but purchased the data plan regardless. 

    I have logs I can provide and also my downstream and upstream tables. Can someone please assist? 

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      Hi KevnT,

      We'd be happy to investigate this issue and address your concerns; however, we will need some additional information in order to do so. Please email our team at Be sure to include this post, your full name, your complete service address, and the issue you’re experiencing.

      Cox Support Forum Moderator