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4 years ago

Node Split

Hello, I have been getting constant packet loss and high/fluctuating latency constantly 24/7 when using Cox's network.  We are paying for internet speeds of 150 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload AKA Cox's preferred 150 plan. These speeds tend to lean towards 100 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload during peak hours.  Despite my speeds fluctuating during peak hours, I am still experiencing high packet loss and latency when gaming over a hardwired connection. I have had numerous technicians come out to my home to try and resolve this issue to no avail. As to my surprise, every single technician that came out here ran the same tests and told me the exact same thing which is that the wiring inside of my house is completely fine and that they do not see a problem on their end. I have now recently filed an informal complaint with the FCC regarding this issue which caused a cox representative to contact me in regards to my FCC complaint.  During that call, we discussed that the issue lies at the node as it is overloaded and experiencing congestion. I also noted that I clearly showed proof that it was their local node at fault by utilizing ping plotter test results as well as CMD both of which confirmed my suspicions of the local node experiencing congestion Since that discussion, the representative stated that "I will reach out to our construction team to try and get this expedited but it looks like it is going to be done my November of 2021" I personally find this date for my issue to be resolved to be completely unreasonable as we are paying full price for cable tv, telephone and internet services from Cox and clearly that is not working out from the infrastructure of Cox's network was not built for this amount of internet traffic during COVID.  I and many of my neighbors around my area who use cox communications are experiencing the same issues and have all filed FCC complaints as well to try and get this node split completed in a much timelier manner.  If anyone is able to assist me please reach out so that we can get this out to higher levels of authority who can get this resolved soon and I am willing to provide all necessary test results which may help.

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    We are having the same exact issue and have been for about a month. I wonder if century link is having the same issues? I'd happily swap, if not. I will also file a complaint with the FCC.

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      I would recommend you also file a complaint with the FCC as the more complaints that the FCC receives from consumers who use Cox as their ISP the more pressure they will begin to feel to fix their infrastructure regarding these issues that their customers are experiencing.  

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      I truly regret the difficulty you've had with the internet and like to investigate. Please email me at with your service address and name so we can check the modem's performance levels.

      Jonathan J
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