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7 years ago

Netflix in Santa Barbara / Goleta Very Slow(multiple locations)

Beginning on or about January 3, 2018, Netflix performance in our neighborhood began to be terrible.  My overall internet connection remains great as seen in this screenshot (and Cox's own speed test looks fine). . .

. . . and yet Netflix shows are pixelated, pause, buffer, hang, and Netflix's speed test site reports anywhere from 500 Kbps (Note, K, not M) to 1-2Mbps.

I asked my neighbor a couple doors down to try the same tests.  He reports same.  His overall connection is fine but he gets a max of 1.2Mbps at

Our internet connections our fine.  But our route to Netflix is terrible.  If I use my cellular connection on my phone to test, I'm able to see 5.2Mbps.  So my cellular is better than my Cox High Speed Internet Ultimate package when communicating with Netflix.

I hope someone is able to investigate this.  I'm assuming more information can be gleaned about my address/info by Cox personnel if needed.  Otherwise, if necessary, I can open a support ticket so I can give more personal/technical/address information.


--B in SB

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