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Multiple service disruptions, no help, no end in sight

For weeks now I have been having severe internet service disruptions, some associated with local outages, some not.   The outages reported by Cox have been happening 2 or 3 times a day recently, and even when no outage is reported my internet will still go down regularly for 3-30 minutes at the time.  When it is up, my speeds are significantly less than what I pay for.   I have had techs come twice this week replacing hardware and telling me the problem is solved when clearly the problem was never with my hardware but with the local network, wasting my time in the process.  I called customer service in an effort to solve the problem, but was simply told they are aware of the issue but have no estimate on when it will be fixed and otherwise nothing they could do.  Cox has previously been the best option for high-speed internet in my area and I do not wish to switch providers, but this has gone on for too long.  If this is a area problem that will require more time to solve I would simply like to know so I can find a new provider.

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  • @Outlawolf. I can certainly understand your frustration with ongoing speed issues and it looks like the tech that came out escalated this issue to our construction team because of water damage to the outside equipment. Once our construction team has completed the repairs, you should no longer experience this ongoing issue. Also, you can receive updates and announcements dealing with local area outages with our Cox Connect app. This app will also provided estimated restoration times. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.