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4 years ago

modem and extender

No service for 4 days.  Cox technical advised Cisco modem was bad and sold us on their new Gateway modem/router.  Turns out Cox failed to turn service back on after making repairs to the line so modem wasn't bad.  Sick of dealing with Cox but was told if we needed extender would have to purchase from Cox.  Query: Are there any other extenders compatible with Pannoramic wifi modem/router other than Cox' $129 ripoff.  Need to get service to studio in the yard and signal doesn't reach that far

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    You were duped and about to be duped again.  First step:  return the Panoramic.  Second step:  restore your original equipment.

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      As I suspected.  Thanks

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        If by "Panoramic" you are referring to their Technicolor CGM4141 DOCSIS 3.1, then yes, you are out of luck.

        According to Cox, it IS NOT compatible with ANY MoCA device - adapter or extender.

        I had to return mine and bought an Arris/Surfboard SBG8300 DOCSIS 3.1 Dual Band. I use it along with the Cox 'free" phone eMTA modem. I save rental fees every month and I use a MoCA ECB6200 adapter at the gateway and a few WCB6200Q extenders around the house.

        Works perfectly, first time ever I get 940 Mbps via ethernet anywhere I want...