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11 months ago

Macon GA- 31204 Cox Internet outage Any info Timeline? ETA

Does anyone in the area of 31204 (or surrounding zip codes) Macon, GA have ZERO internet service due to an “outage”? My service has been off for over a week now and I get nowhere with the chat or the phone reps. They regurgitate a script (ad nauseam) and ask if there’s anything else they can assist me with. Yes, please cancel my service and let me go elsewhere that actually can get their act together long enough for me to receive the service I’m paying for. If you’re in the area, and your internet is down, please reply with any info or timeline that you may have heard.

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  • Well in my post is basically a question to see if anyone else in my area has this issue.

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    This forum is for Cox users to assist one another. We wouldn't have the information you are seeking. For that you would need to contact someone at Cox.