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4 years ago

Is it just me or has Cox changed their spam filters in the last few months?

I noticed several months ago that I have been getting more spam in my emails.  Before it was one address now it two.  Again I haven't change any of my settings so I don't want to hear it is something that I have done.  They were working fine for a long time now they aren't.  TX

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    You are not alone. Every night I get 8 spams that arrive between 2am and 4am. This has been happening for months.  In the old days, Cox would have shut down the spammers after 2-3 days. Cox now has a 3rd party running their email.  Nothing works to stop the spam.  Just delete them as soon as they appear.

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      It’s absolutely horrible.  Every day: American Home Warranty, Lifeline Screening of America, Splash Wine. And blocking the address does nothing because they just change addresses.  Outlook does tend to block them once you create rules and it runs for a while.  But every now and then, Cox’s servers log you off and make you re-enter your credentials.  When that happens, the filters essentially unlearn the spam rules and everything gets through again as if the filters don’t exist. It makes for EXTREME frustration.  It all started last October after Cox was doing a decent job filtering these spammers on their end; now they essentially do nothing to stop them.

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        good to know its not just me.  Yes, daily early morning...I keep blocking them, but they continue

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    I am sorry to hear you are having difficulties with your e-mail. Cox has not made any changes to our spam filters.

    You can check out our article on basic server settings at You can also check out our article on how to protect yourself from spam

    If the problem persists you can also report spam at

    Thank you.

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      It has really gotten to a point of making me want to stop using Cox email all together.  Every day 8-10 of these spam emails and its pointless to block them.