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Internet outage since 3\29 and I’ve only had cox for three weeks.

Well I’ve been maybe the most patient customer in Cox history. 
my last cable company before I moved serviced me for 30 years.

‘since day one, minute one I’ve had issues with Cox. I walked into their store after moving into our purchased house to order cable to be confronted with Covid protocols which I completely understand. The problem is I am partially deaf and they set me up with the highest pitch voice in the store which I had serious issues hearing and had to keep stepping closer to try to hear the young girl. Well the lady manager would run over and get onto me for being off my spot. I explained my problem and even ask for someone with a deeper voice that I would be able to understand better. No dice get back where you were. At one point I even just took a seat because I was so frustrated and when the lady confronted me again I told her there are laws about the ADA but the nice girl came to me to try to help. I was too mad to be embarrassed over it. I’ve never had an issue with my hearing being a conflict before but the mask make it really hard. The next day I wrote an email to corporate about the treatment to bring to their attention about hearing impaired customers and even got a phone call thanking me.

next issue is in the hook up. It was scheduled and I got a call saying that had been canceled in the system so the guy on the phone rescheduled it for me and I ask if he had my order right because it was less per month. On I whim I called the girl back at the store later to find out it was screwed up. So she fixes it.

next is I get a bill charging me $200 for hook up which was supposed to be free. I have to get on the phone to get that straight and call back to make sure because no one let me know.

‘now I have good service until the 29th. I noticed Cox working on the main line around the corner from my house. Get home and no cable or internet. Spend 2 hours with chat with them insisting everything is perfect but I have no cable. At some point the techs come out and check my outside lines and say they need access inside to check the equipment. Set up an appointment and take time off work to get it done. Get a text while sitting on my couch saying they missed me. No knock, no door bell, nothing. Call tech and they say I wasn’t home. Spend an hour with tech to find out they said they need to run a new cable from the pole to the house but the trees have to be cut first. What ever happened to checking my equipment inside my house! Guys the other day did not see any issue with the outside line. 

my patience is running thin. Cox! Hat ever happen to the contractors talking to people. I just had Entergy here today to free up the power line in the small tree and I could of cut those branches while they were starting to rig the line from the pole. 

ATT wants my business, give me a reason to. Not give it to them.

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    I apologize for the experience and would love the opportunity to investigate your concern. I completely understand your frustration as sometimes there are situations that are not handled in the best possible way. If you somehow find the willingness to email our team, please send your full name and address to

    Jonathan J
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      I would be willing to discuss this issue with your team in hopes of getting better service for any other customers also.

      let me update you on my issue though. The tech showed up today around 4:30pm and went to the box under the eave of my house. Disconnected the wires and run a meter check. Goes to the pole and does the same thing. Comes back to my house and reconnects it and everything worked. 

      great right?

      one problem, I spent 5 hours cutting the *** trees down because I was told they had to run a new line and could not do it because of the trees. This was Friday. 

      so I went all weekend without cable or internet, spent 5 hours cutting down the trees myself, when the guys on Friday only needed to do some connections. Your guys were too *** lazy to go through the motions on Friday evening which was Good Friday. This was why they did not even attempt to knock on my door. They were already running late showing up at 4:45pm when their deadline was 5:pm and they had another call to get through. It appears that the guys working on the line around the corner caused the issue, much like I told the guy the very first day. 

      I have been a supervisor for over 40 years and I will say that whomever was on the call on Friday should be written up. This is not how I would want one of my workers treating my customers.

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        Hi @Randini
        I apologize for the harrowing experience that you had with one of our technicians. Please email us at with your full name and address, and we can report your feedback for these technicians.
        Ben S.
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