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4 years ago

Internet-no signal, about every 2 weeks since June 2020

My Internet has been cutting off for a couple of minutes a day, then extending to hours & then up to 1/2 a day. This usually occurs every 2 weeks. I have always did the reset & unplug blah blah blah, a normal routine that is always told to be done. Later in September a rep says, "oh it is because you have an old modem, 3.0 you need a 3.1 & an upgrade." I go to Best Buy purchase a + $300 dual modem&router, it seemed to work, and then it happened again. The freaking internet goes out. No message notifications saying there is an outrage! not even the two different days where it went out for more than half a day & I had a freaking test that day! Rep said, if it was to be an outrage then credit would be credited to our account, but no, they could not find anything. I believe that COX is doing this on purpose not labeling as an outrage to not credit us! and they want to send a Tech instead to charge $75 to say nothing is wrong. if I am paying a higher amount for my internet I do not expect it to go down more than twice a year. Literally all the time now.

It is so frustrating! Especially because the reps can't do anything but tell you the basic, and the tech just has you reset it to try to read the modem, but then they still want to send a tech out to see what the problem is, when the problem is the connection signal that COX is, not, sending. 

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  • I'm sorry you've been having this experience. I'd be glad to review any needed outage credits as well as further investigate the connectivity troubles you've been having. Please send an email to Please include your full name, address, and the link to this thread. Thank you.