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5 years ago

Internet has been problematic for months, still waiting on service technician

I have been patiently waiting since before Covid-19 was an issue.  I was informed I was in an outage for weeks. I was informed after the outage was resolved, a technician would be sent out.  Right now, once again, I am looking a blinking light on my modem.  My modem is always telling me of warnings and critical notices and it is always the same errors.  Perhaps someone in support will see this and consider taking time to reach back out so I can some this fixed?  The level of support I have received this far is appalling.

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  • Those T3 errors are most likely caused by noise.  You need to contact support and have them check your line for ingress.  They can do this at the curb so no need to enter your house.  This could also be related to the DRW errors which correlates to power fluctuations, which again, can be caused by noise between you and the CMTS.  Noise can also be fed back from a neighbor screwing up the whole neighborhood.  More than likely its cabling between the street and your DMARC or the cabling/connections in your house/apartment.