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4 months ago


The internet has been randomly down on a daily basis for the last month. And, in Cox fashion, they do it in the middle of the day rather than schedule the work late at night when less people are online. Supposed to send a text - they don’t. But they will take your money. And you have to call in to get a credit. The customer service guidelines are designed to waste your time so it becomes tedious. PERHAPS IF EVERYONE CALLS IN THEY WILL IMPROVE THEIR SERVICE. 

Please allow people to reply to this message.  Do not turn off replies.

Thank you

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    Some work has to be done during daylight hours. Trust me, if it's something that can be done at night, they absolutely schedule it during the night time hours, but certain thing have to be done during the day. 

    It's unfortunate, but that's why I have cellular backup for those rare occasions that Cox is down for repair or maintenance.