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5 years ago

Intermittent internet outages

I have been putting up with intermittent internet outages since the beginning of my subscription to Cox.  It has never been so bad to warrant a complaint, though. However, as I have been working from home for the past six weeks,  it has become severely problematic.  Connection is lost on average 5 times during a 9-hour day.  Sometimes it's only a few minutes, but it is still unacceptable.  I am typing this on my cell phone because my internet is down again and has been so for about an hour now.  I pay too much for an "up to" 100 Mb/s connection to begin with, and considering the unreliability of the service, that statement is 100% accurate.  I just got a "courtesy" email reminding me that my payment is due in seven days with some meaningless COVID-19 PSA.  I am HARDLY enthusiastic about paying it.

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    Hi Colaves1,

    I'm very sorry to learn you've had trouble for such a long period, and that you have also been unable to reach support. Please take a moment to email us at with your home address and account name with a link to this forum post for assistance. You may wish to keep the included link or Cox Connect app to check the site for outages anytime. Additionally, our Facebook and Twitter support are more immediate than the peer-based forums setting. We look forward to hearing from you.

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