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3 years ago

Intermittent Connection/Slow uploads

So I've been with Cox at my current location in Las Vegas 89107 in 2021/22. It's been intermittent here and there for some time, but over the last couple months from around July on it's been horrendous. Back in October, on the 28th, there was a scheduled maintenance downtime and I thought perhaps my intermittent troubles would be solved. It's been WORSE since, off and on. I have had, since then Three... maybe Four different technicians out to work on the issue. Before October 28th there were consistent, repeated network outages reported before, suggesting the issue was widespread. Afterward, these reported outages were rare.

As for the specifics i've very rarely had issues with the Downstream. I'm on the Gigablast Unlimited plan and easily get 310mbps or more, often topping out or exceeding the "expected" 1gbps and averaging around the 500mbps range./ Honestly as long as I get that 300mbps or so I'm fine. I work from home and that's acceptable for my VPN to connect to a remote desktop virtual machine. The Problem that I'm having is on the Upstream. When it's working properly, speedtests reflect an average of about 35mbps Up. This appears to be something of a throttled cap, as it will often times show spikes higher but consistently end in the mid30s. This also Fine. As long as I'm getting over 10Mbps, I have seen that I can generally both work and game Just fine. The PROBLEM here is that at an entirely erratic intermittent connection based on the Upstream speeds tanking, usually to below 10mbps or worse. And this takes place irrespective of time of day and removal of other devices on the network, hardline AND wifi. During these downtimes, I have run continuous pings(using targets like or When it's running "poor but stable" I usually average fround 3-5% packet loss, which is enough to be detrimental but not completely crippling.

THe results of the technician visits have seemed to consistently found that my line up to the pole has been intact, and is itself a recently run line(when I started my service, a new line had to be hung due to decay and damage in the existing wiring). Following the network work back on Oct 28, the technician had stated that something seemed to be going on with the Node and he needed to put in a maintenance ticket. Following this visit and ticket, my service ran smooth and nearly perfectly for 2 days. The issue returned with full intensity for a few days then calmed into functional equilibrium and ran acceptably for a few weeks. Then it returned in full force for a few days in november. I ordered another house call, and ended up cancelling it after it consistently stabilized again(there was a reported outage as well. Once said outage had cleared it functioned properly for a time). Took place again in december, though I couldn't admittedly complete that house call due to equipment access.

Then we had our next house call that happened last week. Once again, went from node to pole to modem, And even replaced my modem. While it was unstable for a day or two after that visit, it eventually cleared up and stabilized by the weekend, tha tbeing this last weekend. By Jan 2, it was running almost perfectly, minimal drops, running smooth, no blips or issues with my VPN when I started work for the week on 1/3/22. Then there is today 1/4/22. The majority of the day, it also continues to run well. At about 4:20PM PST my connection entirely dropped. After service restored on it's own, the issues with 3%+ packet loss and sub10mbps upload speeds returned. At that point, I did a modem power cycle and the poor behavior continued for a short time. As of the completion of this post, connection appears to have entirely stabilized with speeds clocking out for downstream in excess of 700mbps and upstream in the approximate 30mbps+ range. I should add that at the completion of this message, it's after 5PM PST. It's timetime, and working perfectly.

Additional note, while one could note that the drop at 4:20PM could be attributed to prime time network congestions, just as often these drops would take place at unusual hours. It may run perfectly for the better part of the day, or even at best performance at around 5PM to 8PM, then tank at 1-2AM in the morning when most people, even nightshifters as is common here in Vegas, aren't on. As noted above. After 5PM PST on a tuesday and the second business day of the new year. If there is ever a point that prime time will hit hard it's Today. And aside from the major hiccup approximately an hour prior to posting this message, it's been running properly since saturday night/sunday morning(major holiday).

Something is very wrong on the back end somewhere and htis needs to be identified and hopefully fixed. C'mon guys. Please?

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    TLDR: intermittent upload speeds occasionally cripples W@H intermittently for over 6 months despite several service calls, replaced equipment, and back office tickets.

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      Hello @SteelGriffin,

      I am so very sorry to learn of your ongoing Internet troubles. You deserve reliability and I'm truly sorry we've let you down. We would definitely be able to assist you with this. Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email us at Provide us the name on the account with the complete service address with a link to this thread so we can get started.

      Crystal S.
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        A recent repair seems to have helped. I am going to monitor my connection for a bit, and if I see any significant deviations I will proceed as instructed.