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6 years ago

Gigablast in Scottsdale

Recently I received an email that gigablast (Docsis 3.1 version) is available in my area.  I called and scheduled an appointment for install.  I made sure to tell them that today I have ultimate plan with 2 extenders (6,500 square foot house) and that I will need 2 or even 3 extenders with gigablast.  I was not told that there would be any problems with this.  I called again midweek to verify that extenders will be brought to the install.

On the day of the install this past Saturday I was called by the technician and told that extenders for docsis 3.1 were not available and that due to this install couldn’t proceed with guarantees for full house coverage.  My questions for Cox:

1.  Do you educate your workforce on what is or isn’t available?

2. Why do you claim whole house coverage when this is a lie? 

3. What is panoramic if not just an attempt to mislead users into believing that you have service that you actually don’t?

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  • Hi Salazawi, your point is well-stated. I truly apologize that we failed to recognize the compatibility issue when you mentioned WiFi extenders while scheduling your D3.1 Gigablast installation. I will make sure our leadership teams are aware of what happened so that we can take steps to ensure it doesn't happen to anyone else. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Honestly, that’s just not good enough.  You need to stop marketing gigablast as Panoramic and full house coverage when you offer no such thing.  You are falsely advertising service that doesn’t exist.