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4 years ago

Fix your internet issues or I'm cancelling my plan

I'm tired of latency issues kicking me from games, then the game penalizes me for leaving a game. I bought good quality internet for ONE reason, online gaming... If I can't get that with Cox, I'll get it somewhere else

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    Get in line boys. Filed a complaint with the FCC to see if we can get accurate updates on the status of updating aged technology that we're paying way too much for

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    Agreed constant latency. I am connected with a LAN cable as well and I cant play a single game.

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      Hi B-ran, would you be willing to email us traceroutes and/or PingPlotter results to, so we can have them reviewed? Do you only experience latency while gaming, or are other devices in the home also experiencing slower than normal speeds? Also, are you using a separate wireless router along with your modem? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    just report it to the FCC.  these guys at the top (managers/supervisors) are vultures.  they need a push from outside force to make them spit out the truth and compensate for our hard earn money.  we pay a hefty price for a service and when that service cannot be delivered then we, as customers, should be compensated.  Those who do not complain or seek out the problem with them are just getting their money eaten up by these vultures.  I am getting 10 Mbps most of the time when I pay for 150Mbps.  Can't even work from home or do anything else when it fluctuates like that.

    FCC link:

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      FCC is non formal, so it's a 50/50, but if you go Formal Complaint, it'll cost you but you might get it fixed faster.

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    good luck with another provider, unless you want to pay for a dedicated t1 line.

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    Hi AaronP, can you please make sure the coaxial cable is not damaged, bent, or loose? Some of your modem levels are outside of our preferred specifications, and this could be the reason you're experiencing issues while gaming. Do you normally game on WiFi or is your device hard-wired directly to the modem? If you're on WiFi, are you using the 2.4 or 5 GHz frequencies?

    For further assistance, please feel free to email us at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator