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3 years ago

Downstream channels low?

I bought a new Netgear Nighthawk C7800 this past January as at that time, I was experiencing intermittent internet connectivity via Ethernet and Wifi, and I thought it was hardware related (I previously had an Arris Surfboard).  But, the connection is still not stable at times and it seems to get worse at night.  With Wifi, both 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals will stop broadcasting and will re-appear on their own, or the quality of the signal is poor to where I experience buffering and stuttering.  Reboots of the modem do absolutely nothing to resolve the issue.

I spoke to Netgear support, who suggested that I take a look at the power levels for the downstream channels.  They informed me those power levels should be between 7 and 14.  As of the time I began contacting their support (and Cox's), power levels are wayyyy lower than that:

Cox has only suggested that I reboot my modem (figures, and I've done this plenty of times) and I previously had a technician come out but they didn't find anything wrong with the line and suggested the hardware was at fault.  Which I doubt it's the hardware because it's just barely 3 months old from being purchased.  

What the heck can be done to improve the power levels of my line, so that I can get a consistent stable Internet connection?!

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    I have an older browser and it's not Imgur friendly.

    You've mentioned 2 different problems:  WiFi going offline and Cox service.  Does the wired connection to the router stay online or does it drop as well?  Have you tried a different channel for your 2.4 GHz band?  I can't open your attachment but 7-14 is odd infomration.  It should be between -8 to +8 for great or -15 to +15 for good.  These are just estimates.