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9 months ago

Did Cox just close up shop...?

Why is the internet still down? No updates/communication in almost 12 hours. Hello Cox...are you still?

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        What did say? Any outages? What model modem do you have and what lights do you have on it?

  • internetoutage 

    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble. Our forums community won't be able to help with outage info so please email us at with your full name, complete street address and a link to your forums post so we can look into this for you. We're also available on Facebook and Twitter for support.



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    I spoke with a level 3 support supervisor, and they said they were doing a planned software upgrade, but with no planned ETA on completion.  

    I work in IT and that is a bull crap.  A software upgrade does not take 24 hours and with no planned ETA on completion....smells like no one knows what the hell is going on.

    If service is not resolved by tomorrow morning, I am going to be asking for a credit to my monthly service.