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4 years ago

Data usage overage

I'm now getting data usage notices. Cox wants me to pay more' I've been wi cox for many years and this just started. At the suggestion of Cox customer service, I upgraded to Gigablast and added TV service for about $100 more. That didn't stop the Data Usage notices. Now they want me to pay $50 more for extra data.

I think Cox just thought of a way to take advantage of their customers during this Coronavirus crisis. During this crisis, most companies seem to be trying to help their customers, not exploit them. If I get charged for extra data I'm leaving.

I'll bet I'm not the only one.

Check my data usage chart. I did nothing special on the 30th.

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    I was having similar issues, the transmit logs from the modem didn't match the router. The modem was constantly pinging for a signal using data. 

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    It sounds like adding more data to your plan would have been a better and cheaper solution. AFAIK all Cox plans include a pathetic 1.25TB with the option to add 500GB for $30 and Unlimited for $50. FWIW my previous ISP, Mediacom, offered 500d/35u with 4TB for the same price as Cox’s 500d/10u with 1.25TB.