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4 years ago

Data Usage inconsistencies

First, we are a 20+ year customer of Cox.  We live on an acre+ with 2 neighbors within wifi distance.  No one is on my network, as I authorize devices identified on my network.  I have a long history with Cox to compare.  Sooo...

Cox had all sorts of issues in our neighborhood last month.  I had a tech come out and he identified some cable issues...which was old and had a splitter in the roadside box with a branch to nowhere in an unknown conduit.  Changing the cable/adapters helped a bit, but we still experienced drops.  About 2 weeks later a new board was installed in that node and the system is a bit more stable.  

However, with as much down time as we experienced in the month of November, we somehow set a new record high data usage.  

So far this month, while trying to push usage down, I'm still on pace to equal that of November.

To compare...We used less than 600 GB in September and about 800 in October.  November went over 1100 GB...and we have never exceeded 1000 prior since caps data caps went into effect.

Over the years, we tend to run around 700-800GB/mo.

Now it seems I have a 50% increase for unknown reasons.  I went thru every device last night and the settings are dumbed down on every device.  We stream on Amazon Fire sticks mostly.  This has been the setup for years.

I know this isn't significant, but inconsistencies bother me.  It should not fluctuate like it does.  The wife and I are boring.  WE don't even watch HD movies.  We mostly watch old shows, news, home improvement, travel, golf, etc.  Not 4K HD live streams.  I can't imagine how that would effect the usage....or would it? 

Do we have any control over usage?  We don't vary much in our lifestyle/viewing habits, yet the results fluctuate is that?

I'm still looking for that answer after many requests...and now doing so again after a record setting month with no explanation as to why.

In Mesa AZ.