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6 years ago

Data usage drastically increased since Jan 2019

Ever since I switched to gigablast this past Jan, my data usage has jumped from 700gb a month to 950+gb. I haven’t done anything different, in fact I have been using the internet a lot less since the last 2 months. I even disconnected devices that have been connected in my house for years. I also noticed many other people are having issues with high data usage as of the last 3 months. I am already past the point of being annoyed with cox and if this doesn’t get resolved very soon, I am going to switch providers.

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    Hi Andrewace, I'm going to include a few articles which I believe may add valuable insight regarding individual data usage.

    Additionally, please ensure that your devices' operating systems are up-to-date and free of any malware/viruses. Viruses and Malware can draw data without your knowledge. Also, 4K streaming uses significant data as well (Netflix, for example). -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator