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4 years ago

Data usage and rollover. Customer loyalty!

If we are paying for 1TB of data and only use 850GB then why doesn't COX offer rollover? Should we get a discount for not using all of our data? It's an item we purchase and then lose it if we don't use it. COX has overall great service and pricing compared to the other options in North County but still there is a lot of room for improvement especially with customers that have been faithful to your company, return the favor for your salaries.

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    Data plans are one way to ensure that extremely high data usage users do not negatively impact other customers using Cox's broadband network. While today a very low percentage of Cox High-Speed Internet customers use their entire data plan, some customers far exceed their data plan and impact other Cox customers. Moreover, Internet usage is growing exponentially with all of the new devices, applications, and streaming media available. Cox continually invests in its Internet service network to meet increasing demand, but data capacity is not infinite. Cox High-Speed Internet is on a shared network, so your experience could be impacted by your neighbor’s service experience. We actually increased the data limit to 1.25TB. Thanks for your comment we will share it with our leadership team.

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