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So my data date range is from the 21st of the month and the 20th of the next month. There is this March 16 to May 15 data pause but my end date for data reset is in the 20th of this month. I am already at 750+GB on this day and my calculations on my internet usage will be 1111+ GB at the end of the range. How does this pause thing work? If I am over 1024GB before the 15th it will be paused but the next day it will resume? and then I will get charged $10 dollars per 50GB over the limit? 

Can I buy the one time $30 500GB additional just for this month without making it per month pay? 
And why is that my payment due is different date from the Data date range?
Why won't my data reset on the day I pay it?

Any mod here please answer ALL my questions.

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    These are great questions. You will have to reach out to us on Twitter at @Coxhelp, visit us on Facebook, or email at with the complete address, primary account holder's name, for your billing questions. To address the additional data package question, you are able to add and remove data plans off of the account as you wish and it will be prorated. If you add it before you go over and then go over, you will not be charged. If you add it before the end of your data usage ends, you will not be charged. You can add it for a month and remove it the next month, there is no required time to have it.

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    call cs, this isn't for billing info & won't be here too long.

    i'm surprised this isn't locked!!