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4 years ago

Data overage charges

So Cox want's to start charging customers for "overages" in data usage?

Never have I had an issue with "overages."  Cox Cable is now sending out e-mails and texts that I may be "charged for overages."  I previously cut the cord with Cable TV.  This only motivates me to consider cutting Cox Cable service as well and move on to another provider.  

I'm not sure why they think they can get away with this system.  Trying to recycle the old Wireless Provider system - charging people for text messaging, etc.  

I will post these threats by Cox on Nextdoor and other forums.  Please spread the word people.  We need to stick together and "Cut the Cord" if Cox decides to implement this theft.  

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     Good luck. Many people do not have a choice of ISP. Cutting the cord is exactly why cable companies are now charging overages for internet.

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    since when is cox charging you for text messages, that are charged to your cell phone data plan??

  • My family didn't even know we were on a data package / thought we had unlimited internet until some time last year when we got a warning towards the end of the month that we were about to reach our limit...Either way we've mostly just made sure to just keep an eye on our internet usage % and it hasn't been much an issue..the 1.25tb is a lot of data (but we still managed to go over for the first time ever last month and had to pay extra for 1.75tb this next billing period(

    Maybe look up some lower bandwidth options / video streaming / internet usage options that don't eat up a lot of data just incase you get stuck in a position where you have like a week - 10 days left before your next bill is due and your data plan has been mostly eaten up..It stinks to resort to that but I've done it a few times

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      thought you were on unlimited?? someone signed up for whatever program you're on??

      if you were keeping an eye on use, you only saw what part you had used depending where you were in your billing cycle.

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        Well bearone2, when we signed up for Cox 15 years ago we just signed up for "high speed internet" (and had cable at the time too) and didn't realize a data package was a thing...I don't think data usage was as big an issue for the majority of people back then as it is today, especially with all the cordcutters and high-def / 4k streaming services of today and whatnot..I only said we "thought we were on unlimited" because up until last year we must have never went over or even really came close to going over our data limit. We only started keeping an eye on our data usage after last year when got an alert from Cox that we were about to reach our limit and we were all saying "what the heck is this about?"

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    Among many other things, the Biden Infrastructure plan will expand internet services and will seek to increase the number of providers to  increase competition, give consumers greader choice, and hopefully reduce costs.