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6 years ago

Cox Ultimate - getting 60-80Mb

Subscribed to Ultimate Internet (here in San Diego) 300/30, only getting 60-80mb directly connected to modem.  Please advise.

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    Exact same issue here. (OKC). Sadly all you can do is contact support and they will remotely reset your modem. Then offer to send a tech out. Good luck! keep this updated if you get it resolved. 

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    Will do!  Currently they're trying to remotely upgrade the firmware of my Netgear CM1000 modem, but it keeps failing.  Scheduled an appointment for a tech to come by next Friday.  Hopefully if they can upgrade the firmware that will help things a little.

  • gadorg

    I can see that you've just added a new modem to your account. If those are the speeds that you're getting connected directly to the modem, you may want to make sure that you're using a Cat 6 Ethernet cable to connect the modem to the router/computer. Also, please log onto the Cox website and run the speed test there, it will log the results directly to your account. Once that's done please reach back out here so I can take a look.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    Your recommendation to run a Cox speed test where the results would log directly onto a user's account is duly noted. I was not aware of that condition. In a previous tread here, which was later denoted in green and marked as "The Answer" it was noted that Cox has not one but two Speed Test sites---one which requires Flash installed and one which does NOT require Flash installed

    As none of my computers have Adobe Flash installed I have been using Ookla's own test, where I have found the results are more acceptable, i.e., closer to what I'm paying for with Ultimate. 

    Since reading of your suggestion I logged on to and conducted a speed test using Cox' non-Flash site. The results were a disappointing 80/30 (identical to the original poster's results) with latency of 29ms (I attempted, unsuccessfully, a half dozen times to attach a screen capture of the results, but that's an issue for another time or thread).

    If the only sanctioned, approved way to register and log paralytic speed performance is to use either of the two Cox-provided test sites, so be it; if that's what it takes to get someone's attention and *hopefully* some remedial action, then that's what I will do.

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    Same deal in Hartford, CT. Consistently getting 30-35/30 and support does nothing to help. Twice they rebooted my modem and suggested they send a tech out. Running a CAT6 direct and still getting one tenth of the download speed I pay for. The best part? I just upgraded a tier and its now worse! Really considering switching ISPs if Cox can't follow through on these speeds.

  • @chaloots,

    We can certainly view and analyze speed test results when they are done on our website. This gives us a keen view on what is happening within our network and your location. Since you are still getting the same results with our speed test site, please send us an email to so we can further assist you.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

  • JordanM,

    Please email us at with your account information, so we can see where we've been to work on a solution to your speed loss.

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    Not to nitpick, but are you certain of that Cox help email address you furnished: cox/  ??