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4 years ago

Cox Customer Service Complaint: Gryphon Router

I picked up a new router at 3:00 pm on 09/24. I talked to Cox cable online chat prior to buying it, and they told that I would need to enable bridge mode on my wifi. So I get the router, had to follow the instructions to enable bridge mode. I go to the IP Address, Admin Tool -- turns out the login info. isnt the default login. I go on online chat for another 3 hours, where they try to troubleshoot and change the password. No one had any idea what they were doing. They told me to call a technician, after I wasted 3 hours. I had even asked if it would be better to call instead, they said no. So I end up calling anyways, I called 2 times on my cell phone, disconnected after 5 minutes, each time. Called another few time on the home phone, disconnected. Luckily, one service rep was able to help me do a hard reset for 90 seconds and I was able to get the login info to enable bridge mode. I spent another hour on customer service just for them to tell me there was an outage in my area and that they couldn't help me until it was done. So I waited till it was over, tried connecting the router, yet it still was unable to connect. SO I call again, talk with a service rep, she tells me to reset it, it doesn't work. Tells me to call a technician, tells me I'll get charged $75 if it's not Cox's problem... that I had to pay $10 a month to avoid this. No help, at all. I hung up, spent the next 3 hours trying to to disable bridge mode... FYI the Ethernet cable said it had no IP address. Finally I figured out to hard reset the WiFi. It worked, I disabled the bridge mode. You know what, I plugged the router into the modem, and it worked perfectly. I wasted 10+ hours following Cox's instructions, and no one is properly trained to give me the correct information. 10 hours when all I had to do was plug it in to the back of the Modem. I am being appalled by your customer service.

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    I just had a similar experience with their cs. 1st person told me the wrong answer and it cost me a trip to the store and a brand new router. Again, wrong answer because new router didnt work so I call back and the second person tells me its NOT the router. They send a tech out, he sounds confident and tells me it will require additional tech support and that he set up a follow up appt for next day. So I wait  and wait and never hear from anyone. On the third call, tech rep hung up on me apparently since he never bothered to call me back after he had verified my account and started looking into the issue. After speaking to 6 people, two of them who lied to me and a third who never called back, I now have to wait an additional 5 days without Service! I’m used to poor customer service from cox but this is just ridiculous. Im paying cox for internet services but all Im getting is garbage customer service