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8 months ago

Cox - Worst Customer Service Continued As They Blocked Responses

We posted an earlier grievance and were told  to email for help. We followed the instructions and landed at the same unhelpful result. 

We are being told that there is a system issue for our account that does not allow them to update the date and there is no planned resolution nor triaging effort. They say it is a Cox scheduling error and just blame it as a system error rather than raising it to the right tech team to be resolved. Meanwhile we are without internet for over 3 weeks. 

We asked if there was a different ticket type with a lower lead time since we do not require the external install. 

We don't understand the lack of interest to solve the scheduling tool nor lack of promptness to start service. 

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    Hi, I did take a look at the notes on your account and I am so sorry that you're having to wait for this install to be completed.  I can see that my teammates have noted your account and requested an earlier time frame to get your Install completed as quickly as possible.  This job requires a special fiber technician to go to your home, and their availability isn't the same as a regular Install Technician. 




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